Thursday, March 17, 2011

The new Craigslist money BLOG!

Hello Internet If you have found this blog then chances are you have searched "how to make money on the internet" or "how to make money on craigslist" If you are searching that then I know for a fact that you have come across a whole lot of different websites; all with a so called proven program just pay shipping and handling. Let me say right now: you are not going to have to pay me a cent for the information I will be showing you on this blog, all I ask is to give me feedback on this blog, since for the most part I am really new to blogging. I will me updating this blog twice a week with more tips on how you can make money on Craigslist! I might will only update it twice a week but you can Email me 24/7 at: here. I am giving you my Email address because of the fact that all I want to do at this point in time is help you guys! I also might add that I am one of the very few websites out there showing you the raw information on how to really make money on Craigslist. I will not go into any steps just yet on how to make money on craigslist, because this is my first post, but I will leave you with this quote on quote assignment, since making money is going to mostly consist of buying and selling, I want you to go around the house and find some unwanted valuables and sell them! Then I want you to take that money that you made and set it aside! Don't touch it until my next post at: Monday March 21st 2011 (if it is past that date just follow this link to my next post) Selling is pretty straight forward But I will give some screen shots to make it simple for new comers to craigslist